MTX 150-130

MTX 150-130

– Electronic Tyfon Whistle for vessel above 200 Meters

– IMO Approved

– Frequency 130 Hz

– Sounds Pressure 146 dB

– Heating element

– Contactor unit TK80 included

– Oil free, Maintenance free, Non-corrosive

Kockum Sonics MTX150-130

The MTX 150-130 is a high-powered electronic marine whistle designed by Kockum Sonics. The typhoon is designed to fullfill all requirement set by IMO and COLREG 1972 for vessels above 200 meters. The typhoon has a unique designed horn for optimal sound distribution. The specific designed motor matches the acoustic resonance of the horn at any ambient temperature without any additional measures. This system prevents the MTX150-130 from being affected by any onboard fluctuations in voltage and frequency.