Lopolight - Technology

Lopolight ensures its users with the best technology available and proving this by providing a warranty period of 5 years. The products used are all tested numerous time before leaving the factory, creating a very solid product.

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LED – Light Emitting Diodes

The LED technology used in the lopolight lights are the classic 3mm LEDs, which are proven to be the most efficient type based on lifetime and energy consumption. By encapsulating the LEDs in a silicon-epoxy package, a much longer lifetime is even guaranteed. Each LED is inserted in a specific designed acrylic lens that guides the light in the right direction.

The Lopolight Electronics

Each Lopolight inhabits a very advanced electronic circuitry establishing a constant quality during its lifetime.
It ensures that:

  • Lights are working in voltage range of 10 – 32 volts
  • Sparks are absorbed and protected against dirty current
  • Protection against reverse polarity
  • Lifetime is counted and signalled to Light Controller as required by Class
  • Degradation of the epoxy is prevented by increasing the current

The Lopolight Casing

Each Lopolight is made out of an anodized aluminum casing, which provides the best resistance against corrosion. These housings are CNC machined to the exact correct dimensions.