Chloropac - MGPS

Marine Growth Prevention System

  • Proven Chloropac technology for many years
  • Very low Maintenance
  • Robust and resistant coating
  • Lifecycle over 30 years
  • 5 year warranty on specific parts



Chloropac Generator



Electrocatalytic technique

The Chloropac Electrocatalytic system is a marine growth protection system using sodium hypochlorite out of seawater to keep the sea chests and piping clean. The cell assembly is the heart of the MGPS system and provides the technology behind the electrochlorination system. It uses two concentric titanium tubes through which seawater flows. By passing current through the salt water, the system converts sodium-chloride into sodium hypo-chloride, which is the essential active ingredient for antifouling. Due to the concentric tubes, the electrolyte is evenly spread through the reactor, leaving no residue in the reactor.

The hypo-chloride is dispersed into the sea chest through a titanium dispersal pipe. The chloride is placed directly into the sea chest in a way that the choride is blended into the seawater before entering the piping system. This prevents corrosion of the piping from high doses of chloride and keeps the sea chests fully clean.

The sodium hypo-chloride is a temporarily physical stage of the molecules. This means that with the final force of discharge, the hypo-chloride dissolves back into seawater without any residue. This creates the safest green MGPS system for the environment.

Currently under Evoqua LTD license, the system has been produces by Engelhard, US Filter and Siemens.