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OCM Exchange Service OMD-24 & OMD-2005

part no.

Exchange Service OMD-24 & OMD-2005

product options

OPTION 1 –  OMD Cell Calibration Only


  1. The OMD cell will be send by client to Marinfloc
  2. Your OMD cell will be calibrated by Marinfloc authorized engineer
  3. Marinfloc will return your calibrated OMD cell within 14 days of receipt


OPTION 2 – OMD Exchange System


  1. A reconditioned calibrated OMD cell will send from stock and a credit will be issued upon receiving your OMD cell
  2. Your old OMD cell shall be returned to us within 60 days from issued invoice.


How to order

Download the pdf file to open the order form, select your options and send the form to