Evoqua Water Technologies understands the importance of keeping a vessel at sea and on the move.

The technologies from Evoqua today provide solutions and services to the industry for marine growth prevention and biological fouling protection, to ensure the smooth sailing of your vessel. We enable your operations teams to:
  • Maintain high operational reliability of cooling and heating systems onboard, and avoid the cost of an unscheduled shutdown
  • Increase the lifetime of an asset through effective protection of hulls
  • Potentially increase fuel efficiency thus reducing costs associated with a voyage
If you have any further questions about the systems from Evoqua or inquiries for spares, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Evoqua / CAPAC® - ICCP Systems / MGPS & ICCP systems

CAPAC® – Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System

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For more information about our CAPAC® ICCP-system please visit the ICCP-system page or contact us.

Evoqua / CHLOROPAC® - MGPS / MGPS & ICCP systems

CHLOROPAC® – Marine Growth Prevention System

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For more information about our CHLOROPAC® MGPS-system please visit the MGP-system page or contact us.