Alarm & Monitoring system

Alarm & Monitoring system


Marinelec Technologies is a specialist of electronic safety equipments for the maritime sector. They design and manufacture alarm systems for all type of vessels :
  • Fire detection
  • Tank level measurement & detection
  • Navigation Light panels
  • General Alarm System
  • Alarm – Bilge detection
  • Alarm & monitoring systems
  • Emergency telegraph
  • Bridge watch alarm system
  • Energy management
  • Specific products on request
Marinelec Technologies has a great experience of the maritime sector, an electronic and data processing know how as well as a knowledge of regulation, especially for installations supervised by Classification Societies. By integrating the latest technological developments, Marinelec Technologies can design and deliver custom made systems meeting the individual requests of Clients and the regulations of the main Classification Societies such as Bureau Veritas, Det Norke Veritas, Germanisher Lloyd’s and the French Department of Merchant Marine. They supply products for any kind of ships, passenger vessels, ferries, commercial vessels, LNG carriers, fishing boats, warships, sailing ships, motor yachts, tugs…

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The light column is particularly created to relay visual and sound information which are destinated to the crew in noisy environments. It has to be installed in engine room and crew’s quarter in order to inform safety boat responsible persons.

ECOMER is a competitive and clever system designed for improving the economic behavior of the ship. It allows to monitor consumption, in real-time, by post, of different equipment of the boat, in a “eloquent” unit. This information will allow the vessel’s owner to make decisions which are going to generate winnings of consumption.

  • For sea and inland vessel

The MACCS system is a safety equipment for monitoring digital inputs (monitored or not) and analog inputs as well as the control of various equipment. Its modular design allows a maximum of 68 inputs / outputs. Its human-machine interface consists of a 7″ color touch screen, enables a clear and precise display of all alarms and controls.

  • Very usefull with refits and upgrades from small wheelshouses for sea and inland vessels
  • User-friendly and self-programmable PLC system for end user on board
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SHIPMASTER® is a modular system that can be scaled to the individual customer’s specifications no matter how large or small the project. At the core of the product are numerous standard control functions that can be enhanced by the addition of more advanced tools specific to each application. The flexible design structure of SHIPMASTER® allows us to incorporate such features as optional slave operation or full redundancy compliance. From basic stern ramp indication to deep well pump power pack control we can provide a solution for ship automation.