Level Gauging systems

Level Gauging systems


– A complete range of remote level gauging

Through vast experience and knowledge, Kockumation has developed a level gauging system LEVELMASTER with unique features focused on onboard operational needs. Today we are offering a range of level gaguing systems and display software. Kockumation’s electro pneumatic systems H8 and H8C are extremely good in performance, installation, maintenance and price. The two versions are both based on the “bubbler” principal. LEVELMASTER H8 is a compact sequencing system with an updating time of 6-7 seconds. The LEVELMASTER H8C offer a continuous update of all measured tanks. Both systems are very robust and easy to operate.     If you have any further questions about the systems from Kockumation or inquiries for spares, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Level Gauging systems – Products

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Levelmaster H8

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Key features of Levelmaster H8

  • 24 measuring points in one cabinet
  • High accuracy with automatic system calibration
  • Adaptive level sensing
  • Automatic purge
  • High update speed
  • Low air consumption
  • Low investment cost
  • Easy installation
  • Density measurements module (optional)





Kockum Sonics PN Description
24720036 Air treatmet unit – complete
24801182 Block position A (From 2020)
24721075 Block position A (Till 2020)
24801183 Block position B (From 2020)
24721076 Block position B (Till 2020)
24801184 Block position C (From 2020)
24721077 Block position C (Till 2020)
24801185 Block position D (From 2020)
24721078 Block position D (Till 2020)
24801187 Complete Spare part kit for Levelmaster H8 (From 2020)
24720111 Complete Spare part kit for Levelmaster H8 (Till 2020)
20700007 Flat cable kit, 4 pcs
20556108 Fuses 1.25 A, slow blow
24801186 General block which fits all positions (From 2020)
24721079 General block which fits in all positions (Till 2020)
27000004 Levelmaster® H8, Sensor and control unit, SCU
20864506 Overpressure safety valve
24721205 Power transformer including filter and cables
20630040 Service kit for air filters
24721085 Solenoid Valve (Till 2020)
20882489 Solenoid valve complete with coil (From 2020)
20882465 Solenoid valve operator (From 2020)
20400150 Solenoid valve operator (Till 2020)
20633041 Valve circuit board


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Levelmaster Presentation

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The Levelmaster presentation is a powerful presentation software for any kind of remote level gauging system. The program is flexible in presentation modes and give a clear overview of tank contents. The program operate in Windows operating system and can be installed in conventional computers as well as touch screens and panel PC.

Kockum Sonics / Level Gauging systems

Levelmaster Water Ingress Monitoring (WIM)

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Levelmaster WIM

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Water Ingress Monitoring (WIM) according to SOLAS XII/12 rule. Kockumation supply measurement unit, alarm panels and installation material complete with all necessary fittings. No electrical components are located in the holds and only one sensing pipe will produce continuous monitoring with compliant alarms.