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CL09 (Obsolete since 2022)

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The light column is particularly created to relay visual and sound information which are destinated to the crew in noisy environments. It has to be installed in engine room and crew’s quarter in order to inform safety boat responsible persons.

ECOMER is a competitive and clever system designed for improving the economic behavior of the ship. It allows to monitor consumption, in real-time, by post, of different equipment of the boat, in a “eloquent” unit. This information will allow the vessel’s owner to make decisions which are going to generate winnings of consumption.

  • For sea and inland vessel
Marinelec / Alarm & Monitoringssysteem

Emergency Telegraph Orion V2



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. 11 positions
. Up to 5 panels per line
. 3 mounting version: Flush, Surface, Rack
. Power supply in 24 Vdc



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  • The lynx V3+ is a device which monitors the awareness of
    the officer on watch (engine or bridge) and warns officers
    and the crew if that officer is unable to carry out their duties.


  • The officer must periodically reset the timer (adjustable
    up to 12 minutes) by simply pressing a luminous button. The
    activation of the safety equipment is protected by an access
    code or an external key switch (optional).


  • The device is completed with repeater panels which allow
    the remote reset of the countdown, and the stage one, two
    and three alarms.

The MACCS system is a safety equipment for monitoring digital inputs (monitored or not) and analog inputs as well as the control of various equipment. Its modular design allows a maximum of 68 inputs / outputs. Its human-machine interface consists of a 7″ color touch screen, enables a clear and precise display of all alarms and controls.

  • Very usefull with refits and upgrades from small wheelshouses for sea and inland vessels
  • User-friendly and self-programmable PLC system for end user on board


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  • NORMA is a navigation lights alarm system. It allows the monitoringand control of up to 14 24VDC/230VAC navigation lights with a powerranging from 0.5W to 65W*.
  • The navigation lights are controlled by a NORMA.CP operator interface that must be associated with the NORMA.CPU and the NORMA.PWR. Thanks to a customizable printout with a simple laser printer, theuser can choose to personalise the NORMA.CP in two different forms
  • -with the name of the navigation lights
    -with the mimic of the ship
  • NORMA.CPU enables the control and monitoring of 8 navigationlights.
  • NORMA.PWR provides power management from 2 different sources, with associated alarms, automatic and manual switchover. (*65W max. at 230VAC, 40W max. at 24VDC)


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SHIPMASTER® is a modular system that can be scaled to the individual customer’s specifications no matter how large or small the project. At the core of the product are numerous standard control functions that can be enhanced by the addition of more advanced tools specific to each application. The flexible design structure of SHIPMASTER® allows us to incorporate such features as optional slave operation or full redundancy compliance. From basic stern ramp indication to deep well pump power pack control we can provide a solution for ship automation.



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The SIRIUS light column is our innovative and aesthetic solution for effective audible and visual information in noisy areas.


Our RGB LED technology for light animation allows for reduced weight and power consumption and flexibility in customization. Combined with our AVAS signal management system, our solution guarantees you a functional and quick to implement package.

Functional Characteristics


Sirius light column

  • 2 models:

    6 pictograms

    9 pictograms

  • Control interface through a 2ml multiwire cable (included): +24Vdc, 0v, 1 contact per pictogram, 1 contact “test”
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting with two clamps (included)
  • Pictogram backlight: RGB LED. Color selection (according to IMO standard) thanks to integrated push buttons
  • Pictogram symbol: passive stickers (according to IMO standard)
  • Plug & play solution:
    setting, animation and priority management of pre-programmed pictograms by using our AVAS system


Sirius junction box

  • With or without sounder/beacon
  • Sounder 24Vdc, 105db @ 1m, 3 stages control, up to 32 tones, MED approved for « Fire alarm »
  • Multicolor LED beacon, 24vdc, green / red / orange color control