Tank Cleaning Equipment

Tank Cleaning Equipment

Polarmarine was established in 1978 and has since then been a world leader in tank cleaning equipment.

The roots go back to the sixties, when they were involved with designing the first fixed-installed programmable single-nozzle tank cleaning machine. Polarmarine was also the first tank cleaning company with the pitch, speed and angle control, as well as the first ever Multi-stage single nozzle tank cleaning machine. Polarmarine has design, production and engineering bases in both Europe and Asia along with a worldwide network of sales and service representatives. The facilities in the Philippines ensures our customers a prompt, reliable, highly efficient and competitive range of services. Polarmarine aims to be the preferred supplier of tank cleaning equipment to the shipping industry and to the industrial sector. They are committed to meet customer’s expections by always meeting our delivery times, be in compliance with our customer’s need, contuously improve our products and continiously work on our core competence. Since 1978 Polarmarine has designed, produced and delivered more than 100,000 tank cleaning machines to shipyards and ship owners all over the world. They continue to constantly develop and offer new innovative solutions, in order to be as flexible as possible to our customers. Let us add value to your shipboard operations today! If you have any further questions about Polarmarine, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Whether its portable machines for small river barges or complex multi-stage programmable machines for large crude carriers, POLARMARINE covers all of your needs. There is always suitable equipment for any type of project.