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CHLOROPAC® MKIV-SB/MK2M RETRO KIT – Marine Growth Prevention System

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The new Chloropac® marine growth prevention system (MGPS), MARINE MKIV has been modernised  to provide greater flexibility, stability of operation and increased operational uptime to our customers.

Chloropac® MGPS has been proven within the marine market for over 40 years industry leading self-cleaning cells, which is further improved with MKIV cells. With hundreds of installations worldwide our customers have benefitted from significant operational cost savings over the lifetime of their fleet,

The system offers a range of dosing levels, 0.2 to 0.5ppm chlorine offering real world operational stability within temperature and salinity variations; 10-30oC and 14-19g/l.

Incorporating control flexibility to meet each vessel design featuring the efficient MKIV cells and Power Supply Unit(PSU), making installation easy.

A simple service exchange of the cells is optional to allow for even faster turnaround service times.

We can upgrade also existing Chloropac® marine electrolysers to exchange with the MKIV cells to deliver the same benefits  , extending the life of your current equipment without the associated capital expenditure”.

Some of the Key points are :

  • Low Pressure Drop through Electrolyser.
  • Only 4 Cells per Electrolyser covers the whole Range.
  • Clear Covers allow for visual inspection without the need to remover covers.
  • Low Cell maintenance (no O-Rings).
  • Quick & easy cell replacement.
  • System Output can be update at a later date by simply adding additional Power Slices to the SMPSU.
  • System self regulates output in varying seawaters (10°c – 35°c @ 19g/l).

For more information about our CHLOROPAC® MGPS-system please visit the MGP-system page or contact us.