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EGR NOx water treatment system – WTS For WinGD iCER

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EGR NOx water treatment system - WTS For WinGD iCER

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Marinfloc introduces the WTS, engineered for seamless integration with WinGD iCER system. Building on two decades of industry experience, we utilize the proven Marinfloc flocculation process to ensure that the WTS not only meets but exceeds operational expectations. Crafted from robust stainless steel, it stands as a testament to durability and precision. To further empower ship crews, we’ve embedded intuitive digital functionalities for streamlined documentation. The iCER technology, with its focus on reducing methane slip and fuel consumption, aligns perfectly with Marinfloc’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency.

WinGD’s iCER Technology: The Intelligent Control through Exhaust Recycling (iCER) is WinGD’s innovative solution for their X-DF2.0 engines. This low-pressure recirculation concept is tailored for the X-DF Otto cycle engine technology, offering benefits like reduced fuel consumption, minimized methane slip, and enhanced combustion stability. With the maritime industry moving towards stricter environmental regulations, the iCER technology anticipates future needs, ensuring compliance and sustainability.

Benefits of Integrating WTS with iCER: Marinfloc’s WTS, when integrated with WinGD’s iCER technology, offers a holistic solution for wastewater treatment. The system ensures that the water treated aligns with the environmental benefits of the iCER technology, further reducing the environmental footprint of the vessel. This combined approach ensures that shipowners not only meet regulatory requirements but also contribute significantly to maritime sustainability.

Adaptable and Cost-Effective

Unlike conventional systems that operate at fixed capacities, the WTS system stands out with its adaptability. It can automatically adjust its overboard discharge capacity in line with water generation, ensuring a consistent supply of treated water to the iCER system. Managed by the Discharge Control Unit tailored for the WIN GD application, this adaptability not only reduces energy consumption and consumable use but also minimizes the CO2 footprint, making it a cost-effective solution for shipowners and operators.


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Advantages of Marinfloc WTS system

  • Utilizes flocculation technology, eliminating the need for cartridge filters and centrifuges
  • Cost Savings: Reduced operational costs due to its adapable water treatment and minimized energy consumption.
  • Approved for both MAN-ES and WinGD iCER
  • Enhanced Sustainability: Lower CO2 footprint and reduced environmental impact.
  • Operational Efficiency: Adaptable system that adjusts to water generation, preventing overloads.
  • Seamless integration with WhiteBox® for combined bilge water treatment
  • Advanced HMI system with remote service and assistance, ensuring you’re always connected and supported


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