The Marinfloc Whitebox® is a failsafe overboard discharge monitoring and control unit. It is installed between the Oily Water Separator (OWS) and the overboard valve. It prevents non-compliant discharge of bilge water and helps to protect the crew from accusations as it presents the evidence of the vessels activities regarding discharge. Apart from logging it also helps prevent illegal discharge from occurring.
All vital discharge data is recorded and linked to the vessel’s GPS; the Whitebox® houses all necessary monitoring and control equipment for the overboard discharge. A digital recorder stores all critical data such as oil content, valve settings, flow via the oil content monitor and overboard flow, door open/closed, vessel position, and time.


The Whitebox can also monitor sewage overboard pump or STP running if connected.The data is stored in a secure digital format in the recorder and the history can be presented on the display or on a separate computer. That enables the crew to present the discharge data to USCG, Vetting, Class or port state and can prove that the operations have been compliant. The data is so detailed that extensive analysis can be made for preventive and performance reports.


The OCEAN GUARDIAN® can be connected to the Whitebox that can close the three way valve in the Whitebox when the vessel passes the 12 nautical mile line anywhere in the world. The Whitebox can also be used to monitor the discharge from the clean drains such as drains from the AC system or air cooler drains from the main engine. This type of water is generally very clean and could be pumped directly overboard which is approved by most classification societies. However as it may contain oil we recommend to discharge it through the Whitebox and if oil is present it will be directed to the bilge water tank for treatment by the OWS. This will greatly reduce the daily bilge water yield and the operation time and running costs of the OWS.



Main data:

  • Max capacity of flow rate: 20000 l/h
  • Max surrounding temperature: 50°C (To be cooled by vent. system)
  • Max water temperature *: 60°C
  • Operating pressure: 0.25 – 0.40 MPa
  • Electric power consumption: 75 W
  • IP-class: IP54
  • Voltage supply: 230 Vac, 50-60 Hz
  • Fuse: 6 A
  • General Service Air Pressure: 0.6-0.9 MPa
  • Flanges: DIN, DN40, PN16
  • Total weight: 105 Kg
  • Size – Lenght,Width, Height: 950 x 350 x 740 mm


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