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Oily Water Separator CD-0.25 System

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The CD unit is a dissolved air flotation and flocculation unit that treats bilge water to below 5 ppm. The technology enables treatment of bilge water of various composition as the operator can adjust the dosage to the current conditions at hand. It was developed onboard ships not simply to fulfil the MARPOL requirements but to meet onboard conditions.


Key benefits

  • Flocculation technology: no cartridge filters nor centrifuges required
  • Adaptable to the ship’s specific bilge water composition
  • 5 ppm type approved
  • Low energy consumption for low carbon footprints
  • Can be integrated with the Whitebox®
  • Low operational cost

The treatment process

The process can be divided in five stages: Oil separation, Aeration, Flocculation, Flotation and Filtration.

  1. Oil separation. Free oil floats on water and is separated in the oil descaler by gravity to the sludge tank.
  2. Aeration. Air is dissolved in the water under pressure.
  3. Flocculation. Flocculation chemicals are added and coagulate emulsions, chemicals, and particles to flocs.
  4. Flotation. The dissolved waste from the aeration process is released into the flocs that are lifted to the top of the flotation tank and removed to the sludge tank.
  5. Filtration. The clean water from the flocculation process is filtered to 0-5 ppm before being discharged overboard.

Max capacity 0.25m³ per hour.


Main data:

  • Capacity of treated Bilge Water: Max 250litres/hour
  • Operating temperature of Bilge Water Optimal: +55°C ,Max. +60°C, Min +40°C
  • Operating pressure: 0,25-0,4 MPa(g) / 2,5-4 bar(g)
  • Test pressure: 0,78 MPa(g) / 7,8 bar(g)
  • Safety valve release (Filters, Oil desc, Circ tank): 0,60 MPa(g) / 6 bar(g)
  • IP-class:  IP 54
  • Voltage supply: 3×400-440 Vac, 50-60 Hz
  • Fuse: 10 A
  • Electric Power Consumption: 1,6 kW
  • General Service Air Pressure: 0.6-0.9 MPa(g) 6-9 bar(g)
  • General Service Air Consumption: < 2 normal litres/second
  • Total net weight inc. Filter media (dry): 460 kg
  • Total operating weight: 670 kg